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Locksmith Service in Prenzlauer Berg

We care for repair and maintenance of locks

The locksmith is dedicated to repair and maintenance of locks, padlocks, locks and cylinders, both common doors as well as vehicles. A lock is a mechanism installed to prevent metal doors and covers can be opened without a key.

Prenzlauer Berg Locksmith

Providing a service we do for 26 years. Our experienced technicians are on the road daily throughout Berlin to repair faulty locks to open doors, to make protections and give advice. The vans of Action & Lockit are fully equipped with all tools necessary locks, cylinders, window locks, multipoint locks, narrow locks and rim locks, so we must be sealed to leave your home.

We have service, experience, passion and quality high priority, we do not do anything for a part of the locksmiths elite “Hornsoftware promoted“. Our locksmith arrives on the scene , looks at the situation and always goes in consultation with you .If our locksmith opened the door he checks the locks and doing a free service so that the lock operates smoothly , your door was not properly protected then he gives you a free advice. Locksmith writes out the invoice, the invoice is the warranty, 2-year warranty on supplied and applied materials and assembly. 6 months warranty is given on repairs. We have service, experience, passion and quality high priority; we do not do anything for a part of the locksmiths elite "Hornsoftware promoted".


We charge no call. All the below prices include 19 % VAT call. All work must be paid in cash unless otherwise agreed. We give 2 years warranty on materials delivered and placed. If you compare prices always ask our competitors to the total price including any locks and btw, you often save money and disappointments.


Every new lock evokes a thought: how do we make it open? We get everything open! But we also know which products bring us a lot of work and problems. Where we have the time, because the intruder must surely be within ten minutes.

Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg is one of Berlin's Pankow district. From its inception in 1920 with the neighboring districts Weissensee and Pankow administrative reform 2001, he was until the merger an independent district. The district Prenzlauer Berg is part of the district of Pankow in northeast Berlin and borders in the west and southwest of the district center, on the south by the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, to the east by the district of Lichtenberg and the north with the districts Weissensee and Pankow .The district has urban fairly consistent, it is shaped predominantly by five-storey residential buildings in a closed block construction. The blocks are very large in most cases by the large plot depths and numerous backyard usages; some have a circumference of more than one kilometer. The district is easily comprehensible divided by the large credit and ring roads in neighborhoods “quarters “that are locally called “neighborhoods “. These subdivisions have no official relevance. Prenzlauer Berg is beside Friedrichshain undoubtedly the absolute trendy district of Berlin. Culturally is nowhere so various influences, offers and opportunities like this. Influenced by Albauten many cosmopolitan and creative people have found themselves together and the district missed a very individual contemporary painting in Prenzlauer Berg. Whether cafes and bars , clothing stores , Tattoo studios , board and health food stores or businesses where you actually not know what and if they sell something .

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- "This is the second time that I had to call the locksmith, and the second time I specifically called George. The first time I called 3 other companies and they were treated rudely, the price was also ridiculously high. George was polite, very friendly, quoted me reasonable rate, and arrived on time, within ten minutes. The second time I needed locksmith services I call to the same person and I had the same experience."

- "Friendly, fast, and even took the time to wipe up some dust in the tool left behind."